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Bauer Filter Cartridge

Manufacturer: Bauer Compressors (list all products)
Item #: BAU060037
Net Weight: 4.4 lb

Price: $160.00

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Product Description

060037A fits IP 2 Securus, IP 5 Securus and IP 10 Securus. Typical Application Dryer, Purifier, Catalyst, Securus Sensor.

IP 2 Securus Air Processing Capacity 67,000. IP 5 Securus 150,000 and the IP 10 Securus Air Processing Capacity 230,000.

* Air processing capacity is in terms of free air delivery with 68 °F ambient air temperature and 4350 psig.
Replace both cartridges at the same time on IP 5 Securus and IP10 Securus Air Processing Systems.
IP 2 Securus, IP 5 Securus and IP10 Securus Air Processing Systems are rated to 6000 PSIG.
IP Securus Air Processing Systems produce Grade E breathable air.

New and Sealed in box

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