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Bullseye Power Nozzle

Item #: BUL810C-24

Price: $8.92

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Product Description

Invented and Made in the USA since 1969, the Bullseye Power Nozzle is an industrial grade, 3/4" GHT, small brass nozzle that delivers 50% more power and uses 50% less water! Bullseye Power Nozzle ?is relied upon by Wildland Firefighters, HVAC/R technicians, food and beverage processors, sanitation workers, automotive professionals, and industrial users around the world... and has been for nearly 50 years

Nozzle: Solid Brass (#CA 36000)
Bearing: Stainless Steel


Precision Control Valve:
Proprietary Elastomeric Polymer Blend
Thread Type: Standard 3/4" GHT

         (Garden Hose Thread)

Size: 1 1/8" x 1 9/16" (30mm x 43mm)
Weight: Bulk 3.0 oz. - Carded 3.25 oz.
Flow: Usable Effective Stream
Min = 0.5 GPM  /  Max = 5.5 GPM
Temp Rating: 175°F usable - 200°F max (valve)
Fluids: Water - Keytones - Ammonia - Refrigerants - Silicon - Oils - Air 

PSI Rating: 600 max PSI - (burst test)