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Lion V-Force United Spec Pant

Manufacturer: Lion Group, Inc. (list all products)
Net Weight: 2.7 ~ 2.9 lb

Price: $792.20 ~ $821.49

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Product Description

Delivering superior comfort and mobility
V-Force pants deliver superior comfort, mobility, and fit because the radial banded insert reduces bunching of materials in the crotch, and the legs are contoured to match
the body and reduce working weight. The notch in the V-Fit Knee enables free and easy movement, especially when crawling and bending. SemperDriin the lower legs repels
water to keep your pants dry and the working weight low.

Comfort-Fit Crotch
The elimination of crotch seams reduces tension to give added comfort to your turnout gear. A banded insert runs continuously from the top of the knee of one leg, through
the crotch and to the top of the opposite knee. In addition to extending the useful life of your pants, it also provides a more comfortable fit. Increased leg circumference
enhances mobility.

IsoDri Moisture Management System
LION’s patented IsoDri system allows gear to dry fast, while also reducing your gear’s working weight. Your gearwill absorb less water, maintaining air space which reduces risk of scald or steam burns. The less water in your gear, the more breathable the gear is while you’re wearing it, and the faster it dries between runs.

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