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Hurst eDraulic Spreader

Manufacturer: Hurst Jaws of Life (list all products)
Vendor Details
Item #: HUR271050000
Net Weight: 45 lb

Price: $10,470.00

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Product Description

Welcome to the latest innovation in rescue tools!  This spreader requires no hydraulic hoses and can be used with a battery making this spreader truly 'grab and go'. 

With this new, completely redesigned spreader, you have the freedom to operate in battery mode-which means the ability to perform rescues in even the most challenging environments. The option to plug in and power the tools with a cord allows for continuous operation. The SP 300E offers the perfect combination of strength and spreading distance.

* Diamond tips for improved vehicle extrication

* Ideal for operations involving major accidents or off-road rescues

* Extremely flat tips to penetrate the narrowest gaps

* Special "diamond" surface finish for excellent grip

Spreading Force
up to 25,000 lbs
Spreading Distance
23.8 in.
Pulling Force
up to 6,295 lbs
Pulling Distance
19.5 in
Dimensions (l x w x h)
32.7 in x 14.0 in x 11.5 in
Weight (without power source)
44 lbs

Please call with any questions: (800) 362-0150

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