ChemGuard A Plus 5 Gallon Foam Concentrate

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CHEMGUARD CLASS A PLUS foam concentrate is a low-, medium-, and high-expansion Class A fire control foam concentrate formulated from specialty hydrocarbon surfactants, stabilizers, and solvents. CLASS A PLUS foam solution is effective on many deep-seated Class A fires such as tire, paper, coal, and structure fires.

CLASS A PLUS foam concentrate can be proportioned from 0.1% to 1.0% in fresh, brackish, or sea water. Because of the extremely low proportioning rate, the foam concentrate offers outstanding economy in concentrate storage space, cost (compared to conventional 3% and 6% foam agents), and product transport requirements. For example, a 5-gal (19 L) pail of foam concentrate produces 500 gal (1,893 L) of fire control foam solution at 1% concentration and produces 5,000 gal (18,927 L) of foam solution at 0.1% concentration.

Fire suppression mechanisms and characteristics in effect when using CLASS A PLUS foam concentrate include:

  • Reduction of the surface tension of water, which provides superior wetting and char penetrating characteristics. This enhancement helps reduce combustibility of Class A fuels and control deep seated fires.
  • Extended drain time which increases the duration of surface wetting, reducing the risk of ignition/re-ignition.
  • Creation of a dense foam blanket which provides an insulating barrier between the fuel and air.
  • Suppression of combustible vapors while cooling the fuel.
  • Formation of a brilliant white foam that reflects heat.
  • High viscosity which allows the foam to cling to vertical surfaces for increased protection.
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CLASS A PLUS foam concentrate is designed for fire suppression use on Class A fuel fires including wood, paper, coal, and rubber fires. Although designed for Class A fires, the foam solution may be effective on some, contained Class B flammable liquid fires in emergency response situations when applied by portable medium- or high-expansion devices.

CLASS A PLUS foam concentrate can be used with aspirating and non-aspirating discharge devices, compressed air foam systems (CAFS), or dropped from rotary wing aircraft. Applicable suppression mechanisms and some foam solution properties may vary with the type of foam delivery device used.

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