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PILLSTROM 50" Snake Tongs

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$90.99 /EA
List Price: $11.00 /EA
  • Quantity Available: 10
Handmade in the USA, Owned and operated by three generations of Veterans. Made of durable and long lasting tempered aircraft aluminum, the Pillstrom Tongs are a must when working with reptiles.  Our tongs have a solid stainless steel rod drive shaft and a  stainless steel spring located at the handle so it doesn't get tangled when doing field work.  The tong can be used on top of the ground, in holes, under water or anywhere you desire to catch or handle objects. Great for grilling, landscaping, reptile handling, trash retrieval and much more!

(From the Manufacturer)

 Experienced and Reliable

"Dr. Larry Pillstrom invented the original snake tong in 1954 and we are still going strong! Most other snake tongs are copied from the Pillstrom tong.  So why buy the others when you can have the best!"
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