Red, Glossy, Large
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Red, Glossy, Large

Product Code: CAIGYL1018500000RE16

Red, Glossy, Large
$495.00 /EACH
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Easy to Clean
The Cairns XF1 fire helmet’s modular design allows it to be quickly disassembled for thorough inspection, care and maintenance. Plus, the helmet’s soft goods are removable, washable and replaceable – all without requiring the use of tools. These features have all been engineered to help firefighters align with cancer prevention directives as written by the Firefighter Cancer Support Network. NFPA-1971; 2018 Compliant.

Reduced Snags
The Cairns XF1 jet-style fire helmet has been engineered as much for comfort and fit as safety. The most obvious feature is what it lacks – the XF1 is brimless. While nontraditional, the lack of a brim reduces snag hazards. Plus, the helmet's accessories, like lighting and communications, are integrated seamlessly into the design, resulting in a sleek profile.

Additional accessories can be purchased that easily integrate into the XF1 to customize and enhance the user experience.
  • Integrated lighting with front & side illumination to reduce snag hazards and improve situational awareness.
  • Integrated communications with an internal headset to maximize firefighter interaction. Available with a one or two speaker option.
  • Integrated ocular visor that articulates forward and backwards to optimize fit and accommodate prescription glasses. ANSI/ISEA compliant

  • Medium: 6 1/2 – 7 3/4" (52–62 cm)
  • Large: 7 1/8 – 8 1/8" (57–65 cm)

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