FX, Ansul, 20#, ABC
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FX, Ansul, 20#, ABC

Product Code: ANS434747

FX, Ansul, 20#, ABC with bracket
$508.38 /EACH
    • EACH
6 year warranty
Fits most extinguisher cabinets
100% leak tested via mass spectrometry
Tough polyester-urethane powder paint
Extruded aluminum valve, plated steel valve stem, steel pick-up tube and plated steel ring pin
Glare-resistant mylar nameplate with bar-coded model and serial number
Color coded pressure gauge
Standard CO2 hanger hook
6 Year Warranty
UL 10A:120B:C
Meeting or exceeding requirements of ANSI/UL 299 and 711 or ULC S504 and S508

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