Fire Extinguishers

Is your home or business properly protected against fires?  A properly maintained fire extinguisher is one item no home or business should be without as it may help prevent a small fire from growing into a large, uncontrollable fire.  

Selecting the proper fire extinguisher is just as important as keeping your fire extinguisher properly maintained and being trained on how to properly use it.  Fire extinguishers come in many types:  ABC, CO2, Water Mist, Halon, Cleanguard, K Class, Class D and others, each designed to fight a particular type of fire.  If you are uncertain of the type of fire extinguisher that is best for you, our customer service staff is ready to assist, just contact us.  If you are local, we can even send a Fire Safety Specialist to you!  

United Fire proudly offers Ansul and Amerex fire extinguishers; considered to be the best fire extinguishers in the industry, each offering six year warranties.