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Sprinkler Inspections

sprinkler heads

Water sprinkler systems are one of the oldest and most effective means of fire protection. These automatic systems have a 98% success rate containing and extinguishing fires. The majority of reported failures were the result of improper maintenance or from the water supply to the system being turned off.

United Fire’s trained sprinkler technicians and inspectors can assist with the proper maintenance and inspection of your systems ensuring it meets local fire codes, NFPA 25 standards and manufacturer specifications.  We can also:

  • Relocate Sprinkler Heads
  • Perform Internal Valve Inspections
  • Replace Recalled Sprinkler Heads
  • Install New Branch Lines for Added Coverage
  • Perform Tenant Improvements
  • Replace Water Motor Gongs
  • Fix or Replace Valves
  • Replace Corroded or Painted Sprinkler Heads

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