Amerex 6092, Dry Chemical Halon 1211 and Halotron 1 Check / Valve Stem

Product Code:AMX6092

Amerex check/valve stem fits the following Fire Extinguishers

DRY CHEMICAL  400, 400T, 403, 403T, 409T, 410T, 416T, 417, 417T, 425, 425T, 442, 443, 453,454, 456, 459, 479T, 500, 500T
HALON 1211  344, 344T, 352, 354A, 355T, 358

  A400, A400T, A402, A402T, A403T, A409T, A410T, A411, A412, A413, A416T, A417,A417T, A443, A453, A456, A457, A459, A479T, A500, A500T, A620T, B402, B402T,B403T, B409T, B410T, B416T, B417, B417T, B443, B456, B457, B459, B453, B479T,B500, B500T
HALON 1211  A352T, A354A, C354, A355, A355T, B355T, C352T
HALOTRON I  A384T, A385TS, A386T, B385TS, B386T, B394TS
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