Amerex 807, 5lb Heavy Duty Fire Extinguisher Vehicle Bracket
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Amerex 807, 5lb Heavy Duty Fire Extinguisher Vehicle Bracket

Product Code: AMX807

The Amerex 807 Heavy Duty Vehicle Bracket is designed to work with most 5 lb. portable fire extinguishers in a variety of vehicle applications. Amerex fire extinguisher brackets are quality manufactured of steel with a primed and powder coated paint finish. The paint finish assures many years of use and meets the latest UL salt spray requirements (240 hrs. @ 20% salt solution – ASTM B117).

DOT Approved when used with the following Amerex extinguishers:

Fits Amerex Models: B355T, B386T, B402, B409T, B424, B453, B479, B424, B500

Holds extinguishers with a cylinder diameter of 4.25". Also works with Badger, Ansul, Buckeye and other fire extinguishers with the same cylinder diameter.

Bracket Dimensions: 6.75" W x 5.125" D x 10.375" H

Bracket Mounting Holes: 7/16" dia.

$57.38 /EACH
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