Fire extinguishers can be your first line of defense in an emergency situation.

Having a fire extinguisher in your office or building is a step in the right direction towards safety but not if it doesn’t function properly! There would be nothing worse than being in an emergency situation, only to find that your fire extinguisher not working as it should.

Be safe with United Fire's extinguisher services.

At United Fire, we’re comprehensive with all of our services because we know your lives are in our hands. When you get your fire extinguisher inspected and serviced by United Fire, our technicians go through the following checks:

Inspect all visual and physical elements

  1. Verify and tag fire extinguisher units
  2. Verify last serviced provided, including verification collars, 6 year stickers, and hydrostatic testing stickers (every 12 years)
  3. Verify correct fire extinguisher is serving the correct hazard
  4. Verify extinguisher is correct size for building occupant to handle

Stay compliant and pass your fire extinguisher inspection requirements.

It’s vital to establish a servicing and maintenance routine for your fire extinguishers for the safety of your people and property. Fire extinguisher inspections are not only a good idea for peace of mind, but they’re also required by the NFPA, your AHJ, and your insurance company.

  • Daily or Weekly Inspections: Some conditions exist that indicate the need for more frequent inspections than what’s typically required. Speak with one of our specialists today to find out if your fire extinguisher inspection routine should be more regular.
  • Monthly Inspections: Fire extinguishers are required by the NFPA to be inspected monthly. Although your monthly inspections can be performed by an occupant, our technicians can conduct a full inspection so you don’t have to. For monthly inspections, we perform a visual inspection to ensure it is working, and properly documented for your records.
  • Annual Inspections: The NFPA—or your AHJ, depending on your jurisdiction—requires an annual inspection. The annual inspection must be performed by a licensed inspector and properly documented.

United Fire Equipment Company is a distributor of premium fire extinguishers and cabinets.  We know that a fire extinguisher may be your only life line in the event of a fire and its proper operation is necessary.

We carry only Amerex and Ansul fire extinguishers due to their reliability and quality manufacturing practices.  Both manufacturers back their fire extinguishers with a six year warranty, demonstrating their confidence in their products.  These fire extinguishers come with a steel head and are refillable, in case you ever need to use your fire extinguisher.  

You can bring your fire extinguisher to our facility in Tucson to be refilled while you wait or we can come to you!