United Fire has a licensed and trained staff that is dedicated to the kitchen fire suppression field. Our inspectors can handle all of your inspections, testing and maintenance on any type of kitchen suppression system including Ansul, Pyro-Chem, Range Guard, Kidde, Buckeye, and more. The professional staff here at United Fire can assist you in setting up your inspections, installing new systems or upgrading an existing system to meet code.




Inspections of kitchen fire suppression systems are required on a semi-annual basis. United Fire can manage your inspections schedule for you and notify you in advance of your inspection coming due. Our professional inspectors will work around your schedule and never interfere with your normal business operations. United Fire has the ability to schedule our customers inspections either before they open or after hours whichever is most convenient for them.

At your appointment for a kitchen fire suppression inspection, our comprehensive examination process includes the following steps:


  • Visually inspect of conduit and location of appliance, duct, and plenum nozzles
  • Inspect the link line and position of detectors
  • Inspect the automatic actuation of the fire system by cutting a terminal test link
  • Test the remote pull station
  • Verify electric and gas shuts off when the system is activated
  • Replace fusible links and center link housings
  • Verify the gauge on pressurized tanks is at the proper level
  • Internal inspection of non-pressurized tanks for corrosion
  • Examine cylinders to record and verify the hydro test date
  • Examine the regulator to record and verify the test dates
  • Replace system cartridges when required by a manufacturer (for an additional charge)
  • Remove and clean nozzles to ensure they are not clogged. Replace nozzle caps
  • Test all electrical interlocks (electric shut-offs and fan interlock requirements vary by the local authority having jurisdiction)
  • Inspect the piping and copper tubing for tightness
  • Record any obvious deficiencies discovered during the inspection




Maintenance and repair of kitchen fire suppression systems is one that requires training and experience, our technicians possess both. United Fire has the ability to perform all maintenance and repairs in house including: hydrotesting of system cylinders, recharging of cylinders, repairing a system after a discharge, all piping and nozzle placement needs, control head repair or replacement, rearming systems and gas valve resetting. We keep a full supply of inventory to respond to any emergency 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. Our after hours on-call service team is ready to respond to any of our customer’s needs day or night.




If you are opening or renovating a new restaurant, nursing home, school or office building and need a new kitchen fire suppression system give us a call. United Fire installs Ansul and Amerex fire suppression systems from top to bottom and even conducts fire marshal “balloon” compliance test on every system we install. Our pricing is some of the most competitive in the industry and our install team is professional and detail oriented. Call us today and we will provide a free estimate.